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A Look Into The Life Of Best Pots

Ring Ring Ring. A call comes in Best Pots. One of our lovely office staff answers the phone. A construction company needs a portable restroom to be cleaned and a wedding needs some special event units. A work order starts to be drafted for the construction company and the wedding is passed on to the sales team. The sales team calls the wedding back with a personally curated quote. At this point, our office staff is calling a driver after completing their work order. Our driver picks up the phone and adds the work order to their route for the day.

As the driver makes it to the next job site, they hop out of the truck and start the suction of the hose. They clean the restroom and then begin to sanitize every surface. They then hose down the toilet and wipe down the restroom. It is all clean now. The next restroom is a pick-up order. It is sent back to our yard, where our tenacious yard crew begins to clean and prep every toilet. They re-sticker, remove blemishes, and make our toilets sparkly clean. They then prep each unit to be sent out the next day.

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