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Employee Of The Month

This is Patrick!

There is a reason why Patrick's name

came to so many people's minds when we first mentioned doing Employee of the Month. Pat has been a man of many hats since he started working at Best Pots in 2014. He has made it clear the type of work ethic he has and that when a job needs to be done, he will make sure it's done to the best of his ability. Not only does his work ethic shine through but his willingness to be cross-trained so he can better assist others is the kind of team player we all should aspire to be. I suppose there must be a reason why a few different people call him "the favorite." Aside from his work ethic, Patrick is also one of our favorite storytellers and any of us will gladly stop what we're doing to hear one of his tales! Pat helps out so many people outside of work as well, and when he finally takes a moment for himself you can find him reading a good book or going out to a new local restaurant. Thank you Patrick for all you do, we appreciate you and love having you as part of the Best Pots family!

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