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Welcome To Toilet Talk!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

We would like to introduce our first Portable Restroom Digest. I am so excited to start this blog with everyone. Throughout this year, we plan on making 3-4 posts a month or even more. With so many different and entertaining posts, you will never know what's next! We will be talking about the dogs in our office, interviewing customers and employees, showing our sustainability and providing ways that can help you become greener, showing you what a day in our employee's lives are like, making food and sharing recipes, doing promotional giveaways, talking about our services, the ways we create the best service and the best place to work. We want to make Toilet Talk an exciting and enjoyable place to learn something new, get to know our employees, and enjoy our family's silliness. We ask that you join this journey with us and let us know exactly what you think! Thank you all for being amazing! Click the Subscribe button in the top right corner and follow us today!

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